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Most people when they hear the word "Witch" automatically think of Satan.  They think we're evil.
What most don't realize is we don't believe in Satan.  Satan was created by other people to lay
their blame upon.  Evil comes from within.  There is no man or creature that is pure evil.  Our
most important law that we follow is to harm none.  Where is the evil in that?  Wicca involves
nature.  That's what we worship.  Just because we don't worship the Christian God doesn't mean
we're evil.  I've been a Wicca since I am thirteen years old.  My father taught me everything
he could about the religion.  At one time I worshipped Osiris and Isis.  That was when my coven
and I first formed.  Now I worship Mother Earth, otherwise known as Gaia.  By worshipping her
I feel a peace I've never felt before.  I've found so many other Wicca's, most afraid to admit it to
others.  Afraid of what was thought of them.  Afraid of the persecution.  Afraid of being
classified Satanic.  Over 200 years ago witches were burned at the stake or hung for their belief
in Salem MA, but over the course of time Salem became a respected place for witches.  I found
it easier to breathe and walk wearing my cloak in Salem than what I did in my home town.  Here
in Pennsylvania, people ridicule us for our religion because we are judged as Satanic. 

Whoever reads this can believe my words or not, but before you ridicule, research the religion.

Blessed Be!



Here is a picture of my alter.


These are some of our prayers.

Night Chant

Lady of the Moon,
Lord of the Sun,
Protect Me and Mine,
For now the day is done.


Pagan Path

I walk the Pagan path,
The Changes of the seasons are my holy day,
The earth is my temple,
In my rituals I harm no creature and spill no blood.
I am a stone in an ancient circle.
The strange musky scent in the forest is my incense in my religion.
The ancient ones who followed the path long ago are always with me.
I seek the God and Goddess within.


A Blessing

We ask a blessing on the earth, our home, all who have been here,
are here now, and will be in time to come.  We ask the old Gods
to bless us when we come to the end of our particular dance.
So Mote It Be.


A Prayer To Hekate

When I am in doubt, show me strength;
When I am wrong, show me the right path;
light the crossroads before me.
Queen of transitions,
guardian of all the doorways, Hekate,
bless my journeys through dark and dawn,
day and dusk, above and below.
As a coin can not only have one side,
I am not whole, one without the other.


Here are some pictures of me and my friends at Salem.

Vicki Annette John



These are our holy days, otherwise known as Sabbats.

Imbolg - February 2
Spring Equinox - March 21
Bealtime - April 30
Midsummer - June 22
Lughnasadh - July 31
Autumn Equinox - September 21
Samhain - October 31
Yule - December 22




Spelwerx Vampyress' Grimoire



A note here: A familiar is not always a cat,
particularly a Black cat. A familiar can be anything.





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